whoa, thanks innuh!!!!!!!! i so wasn’t expecting this. she told me that she had something planned earlier today, and i was so anxious and curious to see what she was working on. a few hours later, my fanlisting was born! thanks so much innuh.

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up too early

first day of spring break and i was up at 6:15 *sigh*. i get back from work last night, and my mom goes “so when are you going to wash my car”. i stop and look at her, then i look outside, (it was pitch black, then i start to...

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there video

if you have been wondering what im talking about when i speak of there, then this article will explain it all. be sure to check out the video highlight link on that page, its really cool. i have even started my own clothing label in there. check it out!

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well as many of you know, i play the sims online A LOT. i was reading earlier, and they talked about a company developing a virtual world that was supose to rival tso. so that definatly caught my attention. is going to be the future of chat. check...

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