Who is behind xorsyst.com?


Thats meDo you remember when it was cool to ask someone, A/S/L? Well I’m 25/Male/Jacksonville FL. My name’s Louis. I am just your ordinary otaku with a healthy addiction to Black Black gum, Milky candy, and Japanese drama/comedy shows. I love everything about Japan, and it’s my duty to show you just how cool Japan really is!


Anime / Manga

Cowboy Bebop, Ergo Proxy, Speed Grapher, Boogiepop Phantom, Vermillion Pleasure Night, Gokusen, Cromartie High School, Gantz, Genshiken, Ninja Nonsense, Desert Punk, Death Note, Girls Bravo, Green Green TV, Tokyo Tribe, Ikki Tousen, School Days, and my first anime, Galaxy Express 99.

General Interests

Music, DJ’ing, anime, funny foreign movies, computers, computer graphic design, web-design, enjoying my addiction to world of warcraft, k-styling on Gunz Online, M&M’s, Nintendo Wii, running, eating sour candy, sitting and staring into space, trying to guess what random people are thinking, starting something and not finishing it, cooking, Japanese candy, drinking tea, mixing odd stuff on my turntables, collecting rubberbands, watching European football, british TV, driving around with no where to go, talking to old people, multi-tasking and forgetting the simple stuff, listening to people speaking a foreign language and trying to understand what they are talking about by body language, playing those “win a free XBox 360” games in banners, and more M&M’s.

About the site

xorsyst.com has changed topics a few times over the years. I started xorsyst.com in 2001 as a personal blog. Back then, there were very few people blogging, so we were a really close knit community. If you look at some of my posts from the early 2000’s, you will see what I mean. However, in 2004 my mother’s house was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, and xorsyst.com had to be put on hold. During my time away from blogging, I just concentrated on work. I kept the domain alive, but it was just a half-finished flash movie. In October of 2007, I decided to leave Pensacola FL, and move further south to the Tampa bay area with the hope to get back into web design, and finishing my last year and a half for my Bachelors in Computer Science.

After getting settled in Clearwater FL (home of Hulk Hogan, Evil Knievel, and that “religion” that Tom Cruise is a member of) I soon realized that web design had changed in these few years. When I began blogging, CSS was still pretty new, and I used to design my layouts in tables. I can remember the only thing I used CSS for was changing font colors and scrollbar/form colors in IE. So it was a bit of a reality check, and I took a few months to get caught back up. However, as you may have noticed, my CSS skills seem to be just a little better.

I moved to Jacksonville in April 2008, and now I’m trying to make my way in this new city. Looking to find other Otaku in Jacksonville Florida because right now its lonely!

Along with this blog, I also run a Social Networking Community for Anime bloggers, fans, and Otaku called Otaku Stuff. Feel free to post your Japanese/Anime related blog posts over there to help share your work with the Anime community. Contrary to popular belief, I love email. So if you have any questions, email me at xorsystdotcom [at] yahoo.com