L Change The World on April 29th!

L Change The World on April 29th!


L Change The World Movie tickets

The last of the Death Note series, L Change the World, will be in American theaters April 29th and 30th at 7:30. In a move that I have to respect, Viz pictures will be airing the subtitled version on the 29th, and the dubbed version on the 30th. I suspect, unlike the last 2 Death Note movie screenings, that the 30th will be the packed one as it seems people don’t like to read while enjoying movies. Hopefully there will be less screaming everytime L gets screentime on the 29th.

As always, after the movie is finished, there will be exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. How will L spend his last 23 days? You will have to watch L Change the World to find out.

Tickets go on sale for newsletter subscribers on March 30th. For the list of participating theaters, click here. Check out the official Fathom Events page for more information.

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