Robo-Geisha is one crazy movie +

Bit NSFW. Well, I’ve never been one to shy away from crazy Japanese cult movies. As a matter of fact, I didn’t think I would find one that topped Tokyo Gore Police. Silly me. Leave it to the minds that created Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police to team up and create this over the […]

A 3 foot horror story +

The bathroom in many homes is a very lonely room. You only visit it when you need something, and not for the pleasant atmosphere the room provides. So is it really hard to believe that the lonely bathrooms around the world holds a deep seated grudge for the humans that use it? I think not. […]

A real Hello Kitty +

If you are reading this website right now, I would find it very hard for you to not know what Hello Kitty is. One could argue that it is one of the most well known Japanese brands right up there with Honda and Sony. This video has nothing to do with Hello Kitty other than […]

Kids vs Zombies +

So, Andrea subliminally tricked me into purchasing Left 4 Dead on Steam, and I have been enjoying playing it for the past few days now. Funnily enough, I have to play Louis everytime I play online because well… my real name is Louis and I’m African-American. You may be wondering what zombies have to do […]

Ichi the Killer Bento +

Gore movies are one of my many favorites from Japan. The last one I watched was Tokyo Gore Police a few months ago. What can I say about that besides it was unbelievably gory… As for the actual story, I think I could of written something better as weekend homework in the 4th grade. But […]

Naoto Fukasawa’s Fruit Juice +

They say that the way food or drinks look plays a major influence on how well we like it. I would have to agree. These are some awesome fruit juice packaging from Industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. Looking at the strawberry box, it looks as if the packaging may even feel like the specific fruit it […]

Mini Nikon SLR in Japanese candy +

Gilco is one of Japan’s oldest candy companies, and is home to the popular Glico caramel candy as well as the legendary Pocky. For about 80 years now, inside the Glico caramel candy boxes there is a small toy called “Omake of Glico” (Small gift of Glico). It started off as little toys kids would […]

Space Invaders Bank +

Tomy has done it again. If you are old enough to remember space invaders, this functioning bank will trigger your nostalgia reflex. Personally I remember the game, but I’m too young to remember the actual table. We did have a functioning Atari when I was a child though. Ah. Memories.


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The Best Manga at OneManga +

The Best Manga at OneMangaIf you are a manga fan, you are sure to have heard of OneManga. If not, this post will help you get familiar with just a few of the great English manga featured on OneManga.

One of the biggest problems we have here in America regarding Japanese pop culture is that in order to take part in most of it, you need to speak Japanese. I have been studying Japanese for about a year now, and you may think that once you get past the Hiragana and Katakana alphabet, it gets easier. Sadly that is not exactly the case. I’m not trying to turn anyone off of learning Japanese, but for the casual person that wants a taste of Japanese culture, they may not want to sit down and learn a new language just experience all the cool stuff Japan has to offer.

The goal of OneManga is to be the top source for Manga for all English speaking countries. The website offers over 600 different series all in English, and all for free! I used to follow the big titles like Naruto and Bleach but after being told my friends that the Manga are so much further ahead of the Anime, I have never looked back. I actually perfer reading the Manga to watching the Anime.

Here are my top favorite Manga titles from OneManga:

Bleach Manga

OneManga: Bleach Manga

Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts. His fated encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a Shinigami, and a member of the mysterious Soul Society changed his life forever. Read this Manga.

Naruto Manga

OneManga: Naruto

Follow the adventure of Naruto, the mischievous Ninja from Konoha village. If you are a fan of the Anime, the manga includes everything you’ve seen and more. The manga is already deep into the Shippuden series. Read this Manga.

Air Gear

Read Air Gear at OneManga

Minami “Ikki” Itsuki is a student, and the resident deliquent, but is also known as the Unbeatable Babyface. Ikki is the leader of the East Side Gunz. He lives with a group of girls known as the Noyamano sisters. These sisters hide a secret, they are the legendary Storm Rider team, Sleeping Forest. Ikki discovers thier Air Trecks (AT) and falls in love with Storm Riding. He soon discovers the sensation of flying, and is set on becoming the best storm rider in the City. Read this Manga.


OneManga: XXXholic

Watanuki Kimihiro has always been able to see ghosts and spirts from the time he was a child. One day while passing by a mysterious house, he discovers a witch named Yuuko. She offers her services to Watanuki, and he becomes her servant to repay his debt. Along the way, he discovers many mysteries hidden in the strange house, and by the even stranger with, Yuuko. Read this Manga.


OneManga: Claymore Manga

Youma are attacking villages. The demons can take on the appearance of their fallen victim. The only people strong enough to stop the Youma are the Claymore. These woman are half human, half demon, and wield powerful swords. Read this Manga.

Bambo Blade

OneManga: Bamboo Blade Manga

Kojirou is the Kendo instructor at the Muro’e High School. In order to win some money, he has challenged his Senpai at a Kendo match. The winner gets free meals for a year, and due to Kojirou being completely broke, he must win this match. His only problem is that he hasn’t found any girls that he truly believes can win. Read this Manga.


OneManga: Alive!

The government is looking for a test subject who’s killer intent is off the charts. Yashiro Tenshuu has killed 5 people, including his long time girlfriend. As a result, he is on death row. However, the government think’s Yashiro is exactly the person they need for their experiment. Will Yashiro take part just to live? Read this Manga.

One Piece

OneManga: One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy is bent on becoming the greatest pirate in the world. With his super streaching powers he is set on finding the legendary treasure One Piece. Set sail with one of the longest running Manga titles in Japan. Read this Manga.

Vampire Knight

OneManga: Vampire Knight

The Cross Academy is a unique school that see’s students 24 hours a day. There are 2 classes of students, the Night Class and the Day Class. Twilight is the only time where these two classes pass eachother. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the guardians of the school, and their main goal is to protect the Day Class from the Night Class… who just happen to be vampires. Read this Manga.

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    JanoschNo Gravatar Says:

    If you like onemanga, then give a try.
    Its the best manga site out there. It has every manga, including naruto or one piece.
    All mangas, check it out!

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    soldisedyouNo Gravatar Says:

    hey i have seen all of these (except the fagy ones) can you put up some newer manga these ones are old

  4. 6
    NoNameNo Gravatar Says:

    Why there is no hunter x hunter T_T my favorite…….hmm….. i will read ALIVE….. maybe this is nice…..

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    One Piece is the best manga in the world.

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    thaks alot, I’m checking out “alive” right now.

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    ladyluckNo Gravatar Says:

    thanks! I hoped to find more little notes about more manga listed on the website, but that’s good anyway!!

  9. 1
    ZatNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks for the neat website to fuel my addiction. I’ve always been one for reading the manga first before watchin’ the anime. At the same time I’ve always been one for watching the anime subbed, instead of dubbed because most of the time the translation to english some of the quirks are lost.

    Thanks again!

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