Ningin’s 8 Days of Anime!

Ningin’s 8 Days of Anime!


Ningin\'s 8 days of anime

The great crew over at Ningin are official partners with the New York Anime Festival for 2008. That’s pretty amazing seeing as the NYC Anime festival is one of the biggest anime conventions on the east coast! Ningin has set up a micro-site dedicated to the NY Anime Festival and all of the great performers and guests attending this year.

Today is also the start of Ningin’s 8 days of anime. Each day they will be posting 2 anime related articles. Their lineup sounds exciting, and covers many different aspects of anime. What’s even cooler, is that I was asked to provide an article too. I choose to tackle the topic, How communities will save the American anime industry. Just from the topic alone, you know I had a lot to say… you may remember my anime going mainstream post. If you have a few minutes, definitely give it a read and be sure to comment over at Ningin!

Check out the schedule of posts for the 8 days of anime, and read my contribution!

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