FC Mobile revives classic Nintendo games


FC Mobile plays classic gamesThis is news to me, but Gizmodo says its true, so it must be true. Seems that Nintendo’s original patent on the NES has expired, so we should start seeing a whole bunch of new devices that may revive retro gaming. Sure, it wont be as big as the PSP and Nintendo DS, but for those of us that grew up playing Punch Out, and Excite Bike, this is a bit of news that will no doubt bring back great memories.

One of the first devices to surface is the FC Mobile. This hand held device that features a 2.4″ color screen can play your old NES games… from the original cartridges! The FC Mobile also features a standard vga output so that you can play the games on a TV screen. To add to the nostalgic factor even more, the FC Mobile uses double A batteries, so you can just pop in batteries and not have to worry about a costly lithium. The FC Mobile will set you back about 40 dollars on Ebay, small price to pay for the memories it will dig up. Via Gizmodo.

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