Real reason behind Nintendo Wii shortage


Nintendo Wii ShortageThink the reason why the Nintendo Wii shortage that plagued America was due to Nintendo not being able to keep up with demand? Well, you would be wrong. According to the, the real reason why we have seen low quantities of Nintendo Wiis here in America is due to the weak dollar.

With a weak dollar, foreign companies that sell their goods in the U.S. for dollars and then convert those dollars to their native currencies get a smaller profit than if they sell their products in countries with strong currencies of their own (such as Europe with the euro). In other words, Nintendo makes a bigger profit on Wiis sold in Europe than on Wiis sold in the U.S.

You can’t really blame Nintendo for shorting us here in the states. A companies main goal is to make money. If I could make more money somewhere else, sure enough, I will be there. But good news, now that demand has lowered in Europe, we should be seeing many more Nintendo Wii consoles on store shelves.

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