Top 25 Capcom Characters of All Time

Top 25 Capcom Characters of All Time


The official Capcom blog repoted on Gamedaily’s Top 25 Capcom characters of all time. I think anyone would agree that Capcom’s characters are some of the industries most well known, and loved characters of all time. Here are the top 10 characters. For 11-25, check out Game Daily’s official list. Did your character make the list?

10. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

Top Capcom Characters: Jill Valentine

9. Viewtiful Joe

Top Capcom Characters: Viewtiful Joe

8. Phoenix Wright

Top Capcom Characters: Phoenix Wright

7. Dante (Devil May Cry)

Top Capcom Characters: Dante

6. Ken & Ryu

Top Capcom Characters: Ken & Ryu

5. Felicia (Darkstalkers)

Top Capcom Characters: Felicia

4. Strider Hiryu

Top Capcom Characters: Strider Hiryu

3. Arthur (Ghosts n’ Goblins)

Top Capcom Characters: Arthur

2. Chunli (Street Fighter)

Top Capcom Characters: Chun-li

1. Mega Man

Top Capcom Characters: Mega Man

Mega Man was the obvious choice if you’re talking Capcom. I’m surpised that Ken & Ryu didn’t make it higher on the list. When you think of Capcom’s most sucessful fighting game series, Street Fighter, you instantly think of that pair, even over Chun-li (in my opinion). I’m glad Felicia made it up that high. She was always on my team when I played Marvel vs Capcom on the Dreamcast. For 11-25, check out the official list.

Via Capcom Unity.

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