Japanese Idols Try English Accent

Japanese Idols Try English Accent


Nogi Eigo - Butt is bigOne of the hardest parts about learning English is the accent. I mean, how do you pronounce the word Worcestershire? You almost need a mouth full of marbles to get the right teeth to cheek position for that word! I’m not alone in thinking that either.

So Japanese game show, Nogi Eigo, thought it would be hilarious to put four Japanese Idols‘ English accents to the test. Rina Hirata from AKB48, Hinako Kitano from Nogizaka46, Himeka Nakamoto from Nogizaka46, and Maaya Wada from Nogizaka46 all compete to pronounce words for Siri to recognize. Watch the hilarity below!

You’re probably wondering, so let me answer the question for you. Rina “Hillary” Hirata was born in Phoenix Arizona.

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