Miyuki Asao suicide by hydrogen sulfide

Miyuki Asao suicide by hydrogen sulfide


Asao Miyuki AV CoverSeems that the hydrogen sulfide suicides have even hit the AV world. Miyuki Asao, AV (Adult Video) star has used the gas to commit suicide. Her friends were shocked and dismayed, but knew she wasn’t very happy with her life.

Miyuki Asao grew up in a wealthy family, and attended the prestigious Gakushuin school with members of the Japanese Imperial Family. She was a very good student obtaining top grades until her parents divorced. After the split up, she was forced to leave Gakushuin, and had problems with cutting her wrists.

Asao Miyuki She eventually found a job working at a talent agency, but soon became interested in the AV world. In the AV industry, she was known for being really easy to work with, and known for keeping herself to high standards, something unheard of in the industry. She soon developed a love of comedians, and dated more than her fair share.

However, after threatening to expose the many comedians she had slept with, the users of 2chan revolted and unleashed a wave of hate that was credited as one the reason she committed suicide. A group of users even posted her address online forcing her to have to immediately move.

Asao Miyuki with celebrity comedian This sounds somewhat similar to the D.C. Madam case here in the states. Woman threatens to release information about celebrities / politicians, and ends up killing herself due to the scrutiny. Very sad. Via Mainichi

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