Famitsu magazine offered in America


Famitsu MagazineFor those of you not living in Japan and want a subscription to the legendary Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, you now have an option.

National Console Support (NCSX) has begun offering the weekly magazine subscription in July. However, this glimpse into Japanese gaming doesn’t come cheap. There are 3 options for receiving the magazine.

  • Regular Mail – $480 per year. You get the magazine about a week after its released in Japan.
  • Priority Mail – $626 per year. You get the magazine 2-4 days after its release.
  • UPS Overnight – $2860 per year. Next day delivery

There is another option for getting Famitsu in the U.S.A. Magazine Express offers the magazine at $394.50 per year. However, they use sea freight which means you will be getting the magazine 4-6 weeks after its released. Visit NCSX for more information.

Via Kotaku.

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