Stix – Eat with your glasses


Stix Glasses, Chopsticks GlassesDo you wear glasses, and for the life of you, can’t figure out where you left your chopsticks? Designer, Brad Gressel, has created the perfect product for you. These glasses are called Stix glasses, and they double as chop sticks. The stainless steel chopsticks are tucked into the arms of the glasses. Via Trendhunter.

The arms of his Stix glasses concept are home to a pair of stainless steel tipped chopsticks so the shortsighted on the go will never be caught out again. Unfortunately there isn’t a compartment in the chopsticks for soy sauce, but lets face it, if you forgot that too then lunch was just never on the cards was it? Yankodesign

Stix Glasses, Chopsticks Glasses

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