A karaoke toy for your livingroom

A karaoke toy for your livingroom


Karaoke at home from Segatoys

I was actually thinking about karaoke earlier this evening. Seems there is a karaoke place here in Jacksonville that actually is set up like karaoke places in Japan (separate, private rooms). I may have to check out Austin Karaoke next week. Stay tuned for the review.

Even though karaoke is actually declining among youth in Japan, Sega’s Hitokara service is still going strong. Hitokara is a free service that allows you download karaoke songs on your mobile phone. Currently there are over 43,000 free songs to choose from. To keep the service going strong, Sega has introduced an accessory called Hitakara at Home. This unit connects to your mobile phone and turns your living room into a one stop karaoke room. While this is cool, you have to bring the party to your house. That also means you have to clean up after everyone’s left… not cool. I rather just go out.

Hitokara at home

Via Gearlog.

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