Hold a planet in the palm of your hand

Hold a planet in the palm of your hand


Jupiter Mouse

This is one of the most unique mice I have seen in awhile. It’s called the Jupiter Mouse from Actbrise Electronics. This is a handmade wooden mouse is made from the Chinese flowering ash in rural Gunma prefecture. If you have seen pictures of Jupiter, you may recognize that the mouse has not only the same shades and “swirls” of color as the planet, but also the mysterious spots that Jupiter is known for.

Another unique feature of this mouse is that its held in the palm of the hand. The mouse responds to direction and velocity of tilt as you hold it. As you will see from the video, its a very unique way to control your mouse on screen. It’s also fitting that the person in the video is using Google Earth. You will always pay for cool. The Jupiter mouse is no exception. It will set you back $221.

Via Trends in Japan.

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