Want to live in a haunted house?

Want to live in a haunted house?


Japanese haunted houseRent in Japan can be extremely expensive depending on where you choose to live. The average price in Osaka Japan for a one-room apartment is 53,000 yen ($469.58). Doesn’t sound so bad to you? I said one room as there is just one room with a private bathroom. That’s what you would call a small studio at around 65 sq ft.

So what does a frugal person wanting to live cheaply in Osaka, Japan do? Comedian Tanisha Matsubara has a pretty unique solution to that problem. He chooses to live in haunted houses.

So in Japan, many people believe that spirits of the dead live on in the houses they died in. These houses are known as Wake-Ari Bukken or stigmatized property. Even Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, chooses to commute 15 extra miles to work rather than live in the haunted official Prime Minister residence. There’s a rumor that the home is haunted by a former leader who was assassinated there in 1932.

So how does one rent a haunted house in Japan? Let us follow Matsubara-san’s journey as he rents one of these properties in Osaka, Japan.

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