Man arrested after 3 days at restaurant


Ando Aiko serves food

Can someone explain this one to me. A man has been arrested for staying in a restaurant for three days, and not paying for food.

Late friday, Yasuo Komatsu, came to the Gusto restaurant in front of the JR Hitachi station. While he was there, he had gyoza, hamburger steak, fried chicken and other delicious things. His bill totaled around 6,500 yen, around $60.

An employee spoke to him on Monday afternoon, and he revealed that he did not have enough money to pay for the food. I wonder if he thought he had the money and when he realized he didn’t, he may have not known what to do. Or maybe he was just seeing how long it took them to realize. Either way, he’s eating more free food in jail. Via Mainichi.

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