Virtual wife that will keep you in shape

Virtual wife that will keep you in shape

0\'s Virtual Wife

Now this is a service that I could actually use. While I am no where near overweight, I do want to start working out again in order to regain some mass. Japan is currently going through a metabo phase. In order to combat it, has introduced a new services called “Virtual Wife“.

How this new service works is that you get to choose from four different virtual wives that will nag you throughout the day with emails reminding you to eat healthy, and stick to your ideal body weight goals. You even get to choose your virtual wife. She can be a meido, a dominating business woman, a motherly nurse, or a fashion conscience nail artist. The emails you receive will be written in a style of your choosen wife.

The service also allows you to use a meal management tool that will keep track of your daily calorie intake. If only my phone could display Japanese, and read QR codes, I would be all over this. Pleasant way to be reminded to stay on track!

Via Trends in Japan.

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