A Marine Corps Cafe in Japan

A Marine Corps Cafe in Japan


When I think about going out and paying for a meal, the last thing I want would be someone dressed as an army sergeant screaming at me, and going through boot camp before my meal comes. But leave it to the ever so unique Japanese to open up a cafe appropriately named Sergeant Cafe.

Marine Corps Cafe: Hard CourseMarine Corps Cafe: Soft Course

Upon entering the cafe, you are presented with a decision. Do you be a man and take the hard course, or do you accept that you will never be good enough for the Marines, and opt for the soft course. There is also a sign that says

Once you join the army (enter the cafe), you must obey whatever sergeants (waitresses) say. When you order food or drink, you are are ordering in front of a senior officier, so you have to say “Sir!” first.

Marine Corps Cafe: Menu

But this cant be a cafe without some bit of moe. So some of your senior officers will be wearing very cute military uniforms. But don’t get caught looking her up and down, she may send you downstairs to do some pushups! Via Akiba Blog.

Marine Corps Cafe: CustomerMarine Corps Cafe: Sergeants

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