V12 Origami Engine

V12 Origami Engine


This V12 engine is made completely out of paper. What’s even cooler is that once you watch the video, it not only is fully moving, but the combustion chambers even “spark”. (OK, maybe its not 100% made out of paper). The LEDs are powered by 2 AA batteries. This unique piece of art was created by a Canadian designer named Yee. Just Yee.

Yee has over 35 years of experience with paper art, and this V12 engine took him almost 2 years to complete! It was crafted out of 1978 pieces of paper, and includes 12 rods, 12 pistons, cooling fan, and crankshaft. Yee has created an $160 kit of the V12 engine so that you wont have to spend another 2 years creating it.

While technically, this is more paper craft than origami.  If paper craft is new to you,  paper craft is like the young computer using, mobile texting, niece of origami. The “rules” have relaxed, and some amazing paper creations are made as a result.

Via Environmental Graffiti.

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