GO LIVERPOOL GO LIVERPOOL GO LIVERPOOL GO LIVERPOOL GO LIVERPOOL… ok, just KIDDING. nicola would hurt me in places ive never been hurt before if she read that… so… GO MAN U! :D. speaking of nic… i actually got to speak to her today (shock i know). so im feeling great! seems like if youre british today, youre in front of the tele. lots of big matches going on today. newcastle vs chelsea, manchester city vs leicester city, and most importantly, liverpool vs manchester. should be some good matches… too bad it cost those of us who live in the states an arm and a leg (and maybe an index finger) to see those matches live.

in other news… im going on a cruise in december! so far, it looks like we are going to trinadad, puerto rico, the virgin islands, and a few other places i dont know yet. should be fun. im bringing the digi!

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