GONE to the UK!


hey everyone! well first i gotta say happy birthday to angel! see i didn’t forget! :P hope you have a great day full of $$$! i woke up at like 2am last night cause i couldn’t sleep (too excited). so i spoke to inna for a bit last night. it was nice to speak to her again since it had been so long. (oh inna, put up your new layout!). so i woke up again at 6 and figured i should start getting everything gathered so i can be at the airport at 8am to check in. my flight doesn’t leave till 10:10am. from there i fly to atlanta, then to brussels, and finally land in newcastle at 9:55am on saturday (yes thats a full day later). so ive got alot of traveling to do yet. well i will be back on aug 15th, but i will try to update the site/cam a few times while im in durham. talk to everyone later!

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