great night


ah. im coming down right now, but i had a great night finally. i dont think i blogged about 2 weeks ago when i had a bad night cause no one showed up. (i found out later that they had a good reason). but anyways, about 9-10 of us met up at went to seville. and i can actually say this has been my best night at seville. it was my friend josh’s 18th. so we took him out there and had a great night. i wanted bacardi 151 but the bar that we were at didn’t have it. so i ordered a red headed slut and drank that. then my friend byron took me to the alley (a part of the club) and they actually had barcardi 151. so i had a shot of that. and then we went back and had some vodka and tonic. it was a bit watered down but after the shot of barcardi i didn’t care. i drank quite a bit, and didn’t really get drunk, but i had a major buzz. it is great. im just now coming down from it. and for some odd reason, i dont think i will have a hangover :D i have pictures , well a few that i will post tomorrow sometime when im a bit more coherant. ok im going to watch some eastenders and get changed. sleeeeeeeeeep. you know, i just realized that no one will read this till i put up my new layout… trust me, im still working on it, and it will be something 100% different that my last ones.

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