keychain and jello!


OMG, i missed a day of posting… and i was doing so well there for a bit. lol. yea jay, i know about it :P well i wont make it a habit (:P to those thinking “yea yea, whatever louis”). so yea um, ive been busy today cleaning and stuph. i had to find a bigger box for all of the letters, pictures, things from my trip, and everything that nicola has sent me over the year (that will almost be 2 YEARS in a a few months). while we were in newcastle, we bought a 2 piece keychain that reads, “two hearts, one love”. when i got back to the states, i couldn’t find my half (“two hearts”) for the life of me. i was really upset because i thought i left it back at st johns (the place we stayed in durham). but while i was going through some stuff, i found it today! so thats the first pic {{popup ppp_0006.jpg ppp_0006 640×480}}you see up there. and oh yea, i also found a really old baby pic. i think i was like 3-4-5 i dont know… nor do i remember the photo. my mom used to get us really dressed up in vests and ties and the whole 9 yards. i have more pics like that… one where im in a really cheesy red dress shirt, vest, and tie. but i think im only brave enough to show that to nicola… that is, if she even asks :P so yea, thats the first and last baby pic you will ever see of me. save it to your harddrive for future blackmail material. *goes back to sorting and cleaning* oh yea, im eatting JELLO!!!

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