missed friends, and big wigs


well finally i get home from work. today was an unusually boring day. i had to go in at 8, so i get there on time. everyone was busy cleaning and preping the store for some guy thats high on the corporate ladder. he was doing a walkthrough of the store. so we had to have everything spotless. after we finished, we had to go around for half the day picking up after people making sure things stayed clean. after he did his rounds, it was a really relaxed day. it was nice. it seems as tho everyone from my job is quitting. within the past 2 months, 3 good friends who i worked with quit. one of which has her last day tomorrow. its hard to keep friendships going at work because it seems as tho who knows how long they will be there. im looking for a new job as we speak. i like my job, but i would rather have something more… um… productive. i am currently working on a store. working on the site/databases right now. its going to be huge, but im keeping that under wraps for now. besides that the day was great till i got home. its really sad when something you have been waiting for all day turns out to not be here. *sigh*. well im off to mess around in there. im going to get on internet TV later on tonight when im in a better mood.

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