tickets to london


its saturday! … joy, its saturday. that means i have to go to work at 8am. but then again, i would rather get off at 4:30 than 9:00. i was checking out the walford underground forums last night, and it seems british air was having a sale on flights to london! the deadline has passed tho :( it was insane. flight from anywhere in the states to london for as low as $128 roundtrip! my jaw dropped when i read that. but most trips during these next few months are really low. i payed about $1200 to go visit nicola last summer. that same ticket would cost me about $600 now. im so tempted to try and book something for the week in april, but i dunno if she is coming over here or not. i know she hardly checks my site anymore, so im trying to think of a way to suprise her. if you have any ideas, email me!

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