a month has gone bye bye


i hate waking up early on the weekend, but i finally get my car back today. it was supossed to be ready last friday, but the paint job sucked, so we had them redo it. but it’s ready now, and just needs to be picked up. i woke up and cleaned my sister’s car (the one i’ve been using all month), but i know when they get it back, they are going to complain about something. well, anyways, i think i’m going to redo the chatroom and hopefully get all the people that are looking for a chat off the tagboard, and into the chatroom. also, i’ve been meaning to add more content, so i think i may do that today also. it looks like it may rain today, so i will have all the time in the world. ohh, and another positive note, i will have my computer back tomorrow! i so miss going live, so i think i will go live as soon as i get it back. stay tuned.

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