wow, today actually was a pretty interesting day towards the end. well i spoke to nicola for awhile during the afternoon. we had a nice long chat and it was great. then i went to my internet programming class and talked to innuh while i should of been paying attention to my professor, oops! then i went to the commons and and played tekken 4. all i had was a 20, so i went to buy a drink so that i could break it. so i buy one and drink it while watching this dude play marvel vs capcom 2. 30 mins later its time for calculus, but for some reason, i dont feel like going. now i never miss cal, cause that class is important. but today, i had to. i had this sudden burst of energy. so i thought, “what could i do to use of some of this energy, and leave me all hot and sweaty afterwards…”

i drove to university mall and went to the arcade to play DDR!!!!!!!!!!! (what did you think i was going to say…. that mind of yours… geeze) ddrmax was there staring at me in the face, so i HAD to play. was there for about an hour. and im proud of myself. i actually passed MAX300 on light! haha. this asian dude did it on standard 1.5. i thought the machine was going split in half. i hate ppl that stomp the crap outta the machine. but he passed it. he was hella good. so i got bored with that and drove 15 mins away to cordova mall. they have ddrmax2 there! so i walk into the arcade, to see this girl that looked about 8 or 9 playing la senorita on light. now that song is easy, but for a light song, its pretty consistant, and i remember when i couldn’t even pass it. she was there barefoot just stomping away. and she was racking up 50+ in combos. i was hella impressed. so i sat on the helicopter ride thing watching her play for a bit. her dad was sitting hehind her quite a bit in the food court area. so i walk over to them and say “she’s pretty good. how long has she been playing” and he didn’t even know she could play, but then again, he told me they use to live in california, so that explains it. we got into a little conversation till she got tired. the last song she chose was Candy, so when i went up after that, i put selected Candy on standard (the level harder than what she was playing at). that got her attention, and i over heard her tell her mother “oh i just did that one”. so i played it, and i think i kinda supprised her. that was the first song she saw me played, and i A’d it. so she was watchign me for like 2 dollars worth of tokens. and when i got tired, she tried playing the songs i did on light. i went back over to her dad and he told me she was behind the machine trying to do the steps on the ground. thats a sign of a true ddr player, lol. when i watch someone, im doing the steps in my mind. so anyways, later on in the night that same asian guy that i was playing with at the other mall showed up. and me and him played for a bit. we played max300 again and he put it on maniac while i played on light. he was doing great but towards the end, i guess he got sick of it and jumpped off. so i finished it up. you know, ive come to the conclusion. then he got off and got a drink of water. i put in another 50 cents, and started to select a song. and he goes “you still have enough energy to play? damn”. i had been playing an hour + before he got to the 2nd mall, and i wasn’t even tired. anyways. i havn’t played ddr in the arcades in awhile, im so used to stepmania, and i couldn’t pass MAX300 at home for anything, yet i end up passing it with a C while i was playing DDRMAX2 with that guy. i A’d so many songs that i usually hit with C’s at home. i was beginning to think i sucked so bad at home, when its really my pad to blame! *sigh* oh well. anyways, the place closes, so i head home. i was 20 mins from home when it hit me… why i had so much energy. remember that drink i had to break the 20? well that drink just so happened to be one of those mountain dew energy drinks called AMPED. omg, that was the reason i had so much energy! ive gotta start drinking those more often. on the way home, i had one of my breakbeat CD’s blasting, and was dancing in the car… waving to people at stoplights. those drinks are dangerous! lol. but i finally get home, and im talking to my sister about ddr, and she’s like “louis slow down” cause i was talking so fast. im still full of energy, and i need to get some sleep. but im talking to shannon and she’s keeping me laughing. she made me a fansign too, so i need to put that up. she‘s so cool! *sings baby beluga* w00t @ inside jokes. ok im hungry, and its 11pm. all ive had to eat today was 2 skittles (not 2 bags of skittles, 2 individual skittles), and a large fry with nacho cheese (yes a large FRY. it was blocky and potatoey, mmmm). ok im out!

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