bdays and games


yesterday was pretty good. i forgot that it was my oldest sister’s birthday, so as soon as i got off from work, i got a call from my mom saying that they were at happy china having a birthday dinner, so i changed really fast, sent a text to nicola, and headded out. i love chinese food (tho not as much as japanese). they had this vanilla shrimp that was sooooo good. i never had sweet shrimp, it was almost like a dessert rather than something you would have at a meal.
anyways, after i got back, i watched tv for a while, and played in there. it was pretty fun. a bunch of us was hanging out at the inferno bar talking about classic games. how many of you remember the oregon trail? that was a classic. we were talking about one must fall 2093. oh, OMF isn’t dead, actually they are going to suprise alot of people soon when the new omf battlegrounds comes out. its a multiplayer fighting game, an original. check it out!

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