crazy times


ahh. i dont know if ive just been too busy to post, or my life has been to boring to post about! lol. ok, maybe the first. lots of things has been going on this first week of vacation. work is taking up as much time as ever. there are some new guys in one of the departments that think they can come in and leave as they please. so its leaving that department short on people when they really need it. so ive been having to go over there quite a bit. and then on friday, everyone from my department (sight and sound) had to go to this teleconference meeting on base. we were on this screen with every navy exchange in the world. it was kinda crazy (the idea) but i learned alot… plus i got paid for being there lol. then a few nights ago, i was on there, and i couldn’t believe who i met. turns out i got the opportunity to meet the CEO of there inc! i had to take a screenshot to capture the once and a lifetime chance. anyways, im on my way to work, and i cant wait to get back so that i can speak to nicola!

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