crusher of hope


well, the day started off with a lot of intent on making it a productive day, but i woke up late this morning, and missed my first class. i eventually made it to school, and went to the commons to waste time. at first, i didn’t see anyone by the pool tables, so i went down to the video games where i was watching this kid who looked to be in about 2-3 grade kick the crap outta this other guy in tekken 4. after the guy got tired of losing, and walked off, i stepped up to the game. the kid looked at me, and i could see a little smirk beginning to form in the corner of his lips, and then he quickly went back to looking at the screen. it was then… i knew it was ON!!! i went to put in my quarter, and he stops me, and said there are already 5 quarters in there. you can play for free. was he lining people up to destroy? my pulse quickened as i put my hands to the controls and proceeded to select my character. i choose one that didn’t really play often, but by the speed i selected it, it looks as if i knew how to use the character by heart. after choosing, i looked in his direction as if to say “get ready to lose”… he didn’t even seem to flinch. he was focused on the game. maybe he was just so focused on the screen because i think he was on his tip-toes trying to play. the game started, and i could see he was far from a beginner. to make a long story short… i found out first hand why the other guy got upset and left. after he won, he looked at me, and smiled. i just nodded. the game went back to the player select screen, and he choose the same guy. however, i choose a different character… one that i can play with my eyes closed. again, he didn’t flinch at the rapidness of my choice. the game began. he used the same stategy, just come at me with all he has. i backed off and played it cool, waiting for him to mess up… then i saw my chance. i started a combo that left the little kid in amazement. he couldn’t even touch his controls because there was nothing he could do. after i beat him the first match, the gleam in his eye was gone… the once smiling face turned into one of determination and anger. i could see the wrinkles in his forehead become more pronounced as he squinted his eyes ready for the 2nd match to start. it was then i kicked it into high gear, and made another quick round of the match. after losing, i turned over to the kid, and asked if he wanted to play again. he picked up his ping pong paddle, shook his head, and walked off. should i feel bad for crushing his winning streak or was i doing him a favor by showing him no matter how good you are, there is always someone a little bit better? hey… if there wasn’t someone better, life would be pretty boring eh? heh, kids and their games.

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