ddr to pass the time


well i got my modem installed, and ive been on at odd moments during the day. i think im going to hang around at school more so i can be on without having to worry about missing calls. i feel sorry for those of you that have no choice but 56k modems. i forgot how SLOW those things are. i tried loading up my site, and just said forget it, and closed it… takes too long! the price i pay for graphic layouts. oh well. to past the time, ive been playing DDR more than usual. i can pass just about any song on there, but last night i finally got my first A on genom screams. it was on basic tho, but 5 steps. lately i havn’t been playing many basic songs. i usually do trick. oh yea, i finally passed la senorita virtual on basic (7 steps). after playing trick so much, that song seemed easy when before i couldn’t even come close to passing it. see having no dsl isn’t all that bad!
last night i had to go pick my sisters up from the hair dressers, and on my way down a road, i noticed alot of police lights. i had the opportunity to go around it, but me being nosey, i decided to go straight and find out what was going on… bad mistake… turns out that there was a huge accident down there, and the reason traffic was blocked going both ways was due to the fact that a helicopter had to land in the middle of the street. the only time they bring in helicopters to airlift someone out is when its a life or death situation, so it must of been a really bad. but now that i think about it, there wasn’t any cars or anything damaged it seemed. so that leads me to think it might of been a shooting or something. who knows. i have to buy a newspaper today in order to find out. well im going to go hang out in the commons or something.

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