electrician for a day


ooo, i’ve been neglecting my site. i’ve just been busy with some other things, that’s all. and jk2 is too freaking addicting. that game has got me interested in mapping for the q3 engine, so i’m starting to work on that a lot too. i don’t think i will survive these next two months. this heat is unreal. it’s like we skipped spring and went straight to summer. yesterday i had to install a new ceiling fan, and that was fun. i had to go to the circuit breaker to turn off the electricity to my room. well, turns out that some of the labels for each room in our house were mixed up, so i ended up turning off the electricity to half of my house. however, after about 30 mins of playing wanna-be electrician, i got it installed. electricity is fun!

watch the “l33t hax0r“.

what the hell is up with these crazy ebay auctions?

and oh yea, if anyone has got gta3, email me!!!

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