friday five


1. Do you have a car? yea, nissan sentra

2. Do you drive very often? when it’s not in the shop

3. What’s your dream car? 1997 toyota supra. i love those cars. i’m going to own one of those someday. besides that, i like mitsubishi spider’s.

4. Have you ever received a ticket? nope, i’m a good driver. i’ve been pulled over once tho, but that was for not stopping at a stop sign. just got a warning. he was like “did you see the stop sign” and i was like, “oh no. i must of missed it. i was in a rush to get this food back to my boss.” which was in part true ’cause i had just got off work and my boss wanted some taco’s. so i offered to go get them. and on the way back, there was alot of traffic coming, so i tried to jump out before they got there. lucky for me, the first car was a police car. (i didn’t see because it was dark).

5. Have you ever been in an accident? yes i have. wasn’t my fault though. it was in traffic and the person behind me wasn’t paying attention and rear-ended me. there wasn’t any damage or anything, but i got out of my car like i was pissed, and while he was trying to make up some kinda excuse, i didn’t even look at him, and went to see if he messed up my car.

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