got owned by a 9 year old


ah, i hate driving home when its pouring down rain. i went to the mall after school and it was a perfect night. i went into the arcade where i had intentions on playing ddr. i bought a change of shoes so i wouldn’t have to play in my timberlands. but the machine was in use by this girl playing, so i went over to tekken 4 where this guy was just sitting there. he turned around and said you can get in if you want. so i put in the tokens, and played… to make a long story short, i got my ass kicked. so i chose christy, someone i know i can play with, and got revenge. but then this kid went and got a dollar from his dad, and asked if he could play me. i was like sure, expection to win and all. he chose steve. and when the match started… to make a long story short… that kid was the best ive ever seen withsteve. i got my ass not only kicked, but handed back to me in a paper bag. i eventually was like “screw it” im not wasting any more money trying to beat this kid. so i went over to the ddr extreme machine and started to watch this girl play (same girl who was playing earlier, and her name was catherine. she was good. i asked if i could get in, and we started playing. she’s more consistant than me when it comes to heavy mode, so it was good playing with someone who could pass most songs on heavy. gives me a chance to do songs i havn’t tried on heavy to practice. but it was cool. she’s really into DDR and apperantly goes up there alot. met this other guy too, but i forget his name. but they’re going to be up there on wednesday, so i’ll prob go play after my calc quiz. after they both left, this guy came up who was freestyling. he was great! first time ive really seen someone freestyle who knew how. ah well. guess ill go play there now.

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