happy holidays


sorry! i keep getting msg’s on aim saying i work too much and that im never on! its just the season, sorry. blame christmas! i swear, im usually happy for christmas to come because theres no school and i have lots of free time, but now i cant wait till its over. for one, less stress. 2. i dont work as much. 3. i have more time for the net! i did get most of my shopping done yesterday. and its funny as hell to go into spencers and have one of the girls that work there help you with something that they are uncomfortable about. *laughs again*. thanks angel for the card! it was very sweet.
working in sight and sound is so tempting. being around ps2’s/xbox/gamecube’s all day is very tempting. i want a ps2 now. im not much into console games, but i swear… i can feel the urge sitting here now. i added it to my wishlist but i know i wont get it off there, so maybe after ive saved a bit, ill buy myself a present and ddrmax for ps2!

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