its getting hot out there


{{popup hot.jpg hot 203×287}}hot (21k image)omg i about died today outside when i was cutting the grass. it was only 94 degrees outside, but the heat index was 110-114 all day! i had to take a few breaks because i felt like i was going to pass out from the heat. luckily it started to rain, and i got to take a break from that. later on i went to the store to buy something. a little bit of advice. if youre going to a store, dont wear the same clothes as the employee’s uniform. i needed help finding something, so i looked in the electronic section iwas in. there was a guy wearing a bright red collared shirt, and he was taking tags off the computers. i had no doubt in my mind that he wasn’t an employee. i asked him for help, and he said in a sturn voice “i dont work here”. i was like “oh im sorry. i just figured from your red shirt…” and he goes “oh dont worry. that’s an understandable mistake”. then i turn around and started laughing to myself.

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