my cat the hunter


cats amaze me sometimes. my cat loves to catch things, and like a true animal, she eats what she catches. it’s not uncommon for her to come back with lizards of various sizes (don’t ask me how she finds ’em), mice, and birds. however, today was a bit different. i was sitting at my computer talking to tom when my sister poked her head into my room and told me that my cat had a rabbit… i don’t think it quite registered in my head what she said, but a few seconds later, i responded with “you’re joking right…” she said no, so i went out into our backyard to see for myself. surely enough, there was a small brown rabbit with its ears snug on top of its body. it looked as tho it was just a furball. it was a baby rabbit, and from how it was sitting there, you could tell it was scared. i went over to my cat who was just hovering over it kinda putting her paw on it (not scratching or anything). she always plays with her food until it gets boring i guess. i tried to scare my cat away so the rabbit could get away, but she wasn’t moving. so i picked her up and took her to the other side of the yard. she faught me all the way there, and when i put her down, she just ran back to the rabbit. we did this for a few times when i got sick of her running back so i put her inside our sunroom so she couldn’t get out. i then went back to the rabbit and scared it away.

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