new job?


ah, what a good day. well looks like im going to be getting a job at the navy exchange. yesterday while i was up here, i was talking to tony christ on aim, and he told me that the NEX was looking for people. then he told me where to go to get an application. by the time i got there, i had forgetten where to go. so i go into the audio/visual section and find cindy behind the counter. so i ask here where the personal services place is, and she offers to walk me over there. so on the way, she’s asking me about what my major is etc, cause turns out her boss was looking for someone in the computer dept. so she goes to her boss, but she was in a meeting. so she takes me to the office so i can get an application. i take it home. then today at around 12:30, i drive up there to turn in my app. as i walk in, there are 2 ladies standing up next to the lady i met yesterday. then one of them turns to me and says “by any chance, are you louis?” im there thinking “how did she know my name, i havn’t even turned in an application yet.” so i told them “yea” and they all start laughing. turns out that cindy had put in a good word for me, and they were looking for my application so they can start a background check. i had perfect timing there. so they said they would call me after the background check is finished. so i think the job is mine.
oh yea, i updated the cam pic, so you can see a mustache-less louis *hides*

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