old navy sucks


*kicks old navy* for not accepting my credit card application. i met tom at the mall yesterday and we hit up a few stores in the mall. i had already been there earlier in the day, but i was still looking for some things, so i figured, ill make a few more rounds to see if i can find anything. tom needed to go to old navy, so i went in there too and found 2 pair of jeans i liked, so i bought them, and the lady asks me if i want to save 10% and sign up for an old navy card. so im like sure. tom signed up for one also. but unlike me, he got approved. but then again, he’s has better credit history than i do because i just got my card where as he’s been using cards for 3 years now. anyways, after that we went to the arcade where i had every intent on making tom bust an artery playing DDR, but the machine was swampped. so we ended up playing some racing games. i won the first time, and unlike it says on tom‘s site, he did not beat me by that much on the send game, lol. afterwards, we played some air hockey… i beat him, but we both suffered from injuries due to our fingers being in the way… some more than others, heh. well im off later tonight to see an advanced screening of old school with some friends. it comes out on friday, but our university set up an advanced screening at the theatre for free!

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