one more day till B-day


ah, back at school. not much has changed. felt just like last semster. i still need to find out my friends schedules so i know where everyone is. the day started off with my SQL class. that shouldn’t be too hard. im finally learning oracle. and if i ever have any probs, i can go to my mom for answers as she gets pays to document that type of stuff for the military. after that was my course. i have that class with bsheezy. we gotta reinstall counterstrike, jkii on those computers again so we can have something to do when we get bored. that lady seems freaking anal. oh well. i will just do what i have to do and be finished with the class. then my last class… webbased programming. i went to the first class today, and when i got home, i went on the registration website, and dropped it. that class is a waste of time. the first assignment due in 3 weeks was make a webpage where you have a personal picture in it, a wav, and a paragraph of text… thats something i could do half awake. i thought the course was going to be about xml,, cold fusion, but i was clearly wrong. turns out theres a course named “web-based programming” and “internet programming”. is that not the stupidest names? they are practically the same thing. oh well i got into the right course. tomorrow i have my networking class so ill tell you how that goes tomorrow. ONE MORE DAY TILL MY BIRTHDAY!

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