rock your body from the left to the right


today was a pretty good day considering i went in at 8am thinking i had to work. when i arrived at work and was walking up to the main entrance, my boss was waiting outside. she told me that i was going to attend the orientation. now, ive been working there almost a month now and im just going to orientation? well, at least i got paid for today even tho i didn’t do an ounce of work. spent almost 8 hours at orientation. fun stuff i tell ya.
anyways. if you would of got a chance to watch me on streaming cam like tom or alexis did, you would of got to see me ddr. alexis wanted me to do doubles, so i did, but the pad’s kept moving, so it sucked (oh yea, go check out alexis‘s new xmas layout). i ended up going back to one pad, but i had fun. oh yea, gotta give a shoutout to tom‘s sister tara that was watching with him last night.
thankx goes to lisa for the fansign! <3 and thanks to cas, bria, via, monique, and angel for the oral sex! it was good! :P oh yea, hey heather! didn’t expect to see your name on here did ya? haha.
*goes back to listening to: lords of acid – mister machoman*

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