sliced bread


i had the best day today… and nothing great happened really. (btw. im not going to even bother fixing spelling mistakes etc cause my fingers are frozen and i cant feel the keys) today at work, i was putting up some CD stands and my boss comes over and says she needs to talk to me. so then i stop what i was doing, and she goes “everyone has been saying youre the next best thing since sliced bread”. lol, the cheesiest grin sprung up across my face. good thing i didn’t have a mirror then because everyone knows how much i dont like to smile. but i had an idea about what she was going to say from something her son told me earlier. they hired a bunch of people (me being one of them) just for the holidays, but her son told me that they are prob going to keep me after the holidays because im such a good worker. i was hoping for that, so im excited. want to get me even more excited? donate oral sex to me :P

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