you know what sucks? when you try to be a good student, and go to class early only to find out that at 4pm (when class is suppose to start) that youre the only one sitting there. apperantly class has either been cancelled for today or the class is only meeting on wednesdays. i have no idea. as i write this, im finishing up an email to my professor asking him whats going on. oh well. its been so cold today, its unreal. i swore i saw snow flurries this morning falling on the windshield as i was at a stoplight. maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me. i was listening to the radio this morning on the way to school and the weather guy said there were snow flurries in mobile (about 30 mins away), and usually when something happens there, within minutes, its here in pensacola. so maybe that was it. oh well, im on my other AIM name, x0rsyst99. msg me if ya want to talk!

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