time flies


well its been one whole year since ive had this site. time flies when having fun i guess. ive met so many new people. its been great. i remeber this time last year i was checking out bertie‘s survivorcam and the sites of those participating, and i thought “hey i can do this”. i had been designing sites for different things, but never had just a personal site. so xorsyst.com was born. the name was an old handle that i had used for years. so everyone already knew me by it. if you remember my layout from last year at this time, you will recognize the blue/green color scheme, and that santa. it took me awhile to find the original graphic. its a still from a movie called santa vs the snowman, which will preimere this month at IMAX theatres… so in other words, the movie that i found one year ago still hasn’t been seen yet. weird.
ive been busy lately, so i still have some new stuff to put up. im bringing back some features that i dropped on my 2nd layout due to space reasons. my layouts tend to be compact, and i cant put everything that i would want on them, but im just going to create a seperate content page along with the menu i keep. that way i wont be limited. also, there will be a new feature starting tomorrow. susy, i havn’t forgot. i will msg ya when i get off work. well im off, hope you like the layout.

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