Livedoor doesn’t pay its taxes


Livedoor logoLivedoor, an Internet giant in terms of blogging in Japan, is in some financial trouble. Livedoor Holdings owes about 1.26 billion yen in back taxes for not declaring about 2.36 billion yen in taxable income. And what makes it even worse, taxation authorities are going after the company because they feel they deliberately didn’t pay.

How big is Livedoor? Google indexes 31 million Japanese blogs from Livedoor alone. While I don’t think this will be the end of Livedoor blogs, its definitely something to keep an eye on.

So who uses Livedoor? Well, one of the biggest Japanese otaku blogs, if not the biggest, Akibablog, uses Livedoor. What Japan Thinks published a report in 2005 that showed Livedoor represented 43.38% of the people surveyed, and number 2 just behind Yahoo! Blogs with 46.07%.

Source Mainichi.

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