Barak Obama, Taro Aso, and the Internet

Barak Obama, Taro Aso, and the Internet


Barak Oama American Flag

As I stopped at the last redlight before pulling into my driveway tonight, it hit me. Barak Obama and Taro Aso, prime minister of Japan, share one similarity; thier legions of fans on the internet. I believe I can safely say they are 2 of the talked about heads of state on the internet.

I know I don’t have to tell you how the internet played a huge role in Obama’s presidential campaign.  I read an article yesterday about Barak Obama having to give up his blackberry and almost all communication done through the internet. For someone who has used the internet so much in the past 2 years, I can only imagine he’s dreading the day he takes office and has to stop. They say he may be the first U.S. president to have a laptop in the Oval Office.

Taro Aso

Taro Aso also has legions of fans from on the infamous 2ch message board and Akiba. While his appointment to prime minister didn’t utilize the same approach to the internet as Barak Obama did, his fan showed their support around various message boards and blogs.

With the internet now as the most powerful communication medium ever, one who can harness the power of the internet is truely in a powerful position. Barak’s massive social network is the first of its kind for a U.S. president. No political figure has ever been as connected to the ordinary people as Barak and Aso are online. I’m interested to see how they both take advantage of it.

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