Giants win! 26 Super Bowl 42 Ads!


Just in case you somehow missed it, but the New York Giants won an tough fought Super Bowl XLII! Eli Manning put on stellar performance. In the beginning, after the first snap, you could see Eli Manning’s hand shake as you can tell he was nervous, however after a long drive they got within distance and Tynes kicked a field goal to put them on the board. The New York Giants defense was superb and really made the patriots work for every point they made, however it wasn’t enough to stop Manning’s Giants in the end. Tom Brady had a rough night, and it was great! The underdogs won for a change, and the perfect 18-0 season of the Patriots is missing the icing on the cake.. But I know you are not reading this for the highlights, you want the super bowl commercials! So here you go. And for the record, the new Audi R8 is now my new favorite car!

Justin Timberlake – Pepsi Ad


Bud Lite

Go Daddy

What is love – Pepsi

Bud Lite – Ability To Fly




Planters – Peanut Perfume


Bud Lite – Wheel stuck


Hyundai Genesis

Horsing Around with Shaq

Wanted Trailer

Bridgestone – Scream

Carrier Pigeons

Bud Lite – Wine and Cheese – Glondoor

Truth in Engineering

Diet Pepsi Max

Amp Energy

Coca-Cola – Its mine

Meet Carmen Electra

Sobe – Thrillicious

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