Robo-Geisha is one crazy movie +

Bit NSFW. Well, I’ve never been one to shy away from crazy Japanese cult movies. As a matter of fact, I didn’t think I would find one that topped Tokyo Gore Police. Silly me. Leave it to the minds that created Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police to team up and create this over the […]

A 3 foot horror story +

The bathroom in many homes is a very lonely room. You only visit it when you need something, and not for the pleasant atmosphere the room provides. So is it really hard to believe that the lonely bathrooms around the world holds a deep seated grudge for the humans that use it? I think not. […]

A real Hello Kitty +

If you are reading this website right now, I would find it very hard for you to not know what Hello Kitty is. One could argue that it is one of the most well known Japanese brands right up there with Honda and Sony. This video has nothing to do with Hello Kitty other than […]

Kids vs Zombies +

So, Andrea subliminally tricked me into purchasing Left 4 Dead on Steam, and I have been enjoying playing it for the past few days now. Funnily enough, I have to play Louis everytime I play online because well… my real name is Louis and I’m African-American. You may be wondering what zombies have to do […]

Ichi the Killer Bento +

Gore movies are one of my many favorites from Japan. The last one I watched was Tokyo Gore Police a few months ago. What can I say about that besides it was unbelievably gory… As for the actual story, I think I could of written something better as weekend homework in the 4th grade. But […]

Naoto Fukasawa’s Fruit Juice +

They say that the way food or drinks look plays a major influence on how well we like it. I would have to agree. These are some awesome fruit juice packaging from Industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. Looking at the strawberry box, it looks as if the packaging may even feel like the specific fruit it […]

Mini Nikon SLR in Japanese candy +

Gilco is one of Japan’s oldest candy companies, and is home to the popular Glico caramel candy as well as the legendary Pocky. For about 80 years now, inside the Glico caramel candy boxes there is a small toy called “Omake of Glico” (Small gift of Glico). It started off as little toys kids would […]

Space Invaders Bank +

Tomy has done it again. If you are old enough to remember space invaders, this functioning bank will trigger your nostalgia reflex. Personally I remember the game, but I’m too young to remember the actual table. We did have a functioning Atari when I was a child though. Ah. Memories.


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L Change The World on April 29th!

L Change The World Movie tickets

The last of the Death Note series, L Change the World, will be in American theaters April 29th and 30th at 7:30. In a move that I have to respect, Viz pictures will be airing the subtitled version on the 29th, and the dubbed version on the 30th. I suspect, unlike the last 2 Death Note movie screenings, that the 30th will be the packed one as it seems people don’t like to read while enjoying movies. Hopefully there will be less screaming everytime L gets screentime on the 29th.

As always, after the movie is finished, there will be exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. How will L spend his last 23 days? You will have to watch L Change the World to find out.

Tickets go on sale for newsletter subscribers on March 30th. For the list of participating theaters, click here. Check out the official Fathom Events page for more information.

Handmade Musical Vegetables

Musical VegetablesMeet the man that goes by heita3. He’s from Okayama Japan, a devoted teacher, fan of poetry, and loves to make music instruments out of ripe, delicious vegetables. He has become pretty popular on Youtube garnering almost a quarter of a million channel views. 

Mr. Heita3 was first inspired by the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, an ensemble from Veinna Austra. He then set out to see if he can create musical vegetables of his own. What started out as a simple carrot ocarina soon blossomed into a musical hobby he had to share with the rest of the world. Check out a few of his musical instruments below. Be sure to add him as a friend on myspace too!

Read the rest of this post

Sushi Conveyor Camera

You may have heard of the sushi conveyor belt restaurants in Japan where all sorts of sushi is circled around you, and you pay based on the color and amount of plates you consume. Well a creative girl decided to put her camera on the conveyor and film reactions from people once they realized they were on camera. So cool.

Via Boing Boing.

Breast enlargement from a ringtone?

Meet Hideto Tomabechi. He is a cognative scientist that studies the mind and artificial intellegence. In his spare time, he’s an avid music fan, and is a member of a rock band. How does one combine these seemingly opposite passions? By creating a mobile ringtone that tricks the mind into making a female’s bust size increase of course.

Dr. Tomabechi created a ringone called “Rock Melon” that he claims will increase the breast size due to subliminal messages. The ringtone is based upon a crying baby and when listened to for 20 times a day for about 10 times a day, a female’s bust will grow by at least 2cm. What does he want to use his research for? Making people fall in-love at first sight, improving memory, incouraging hair growth, and fighting terrorism.

Makes sense doesn’t it? I thought so too. Let’s let Dr Tomabechi explain in detail:


Want a hand from Terminator 4?

Every couple of months a toy comes out that catches my eye. You may have heard that Terminator 4 (Terminator Salvation) is coming out sometime this year. So like the Hulk’s Smash Hands that were all over TV here in the states, the Terminator marketing team has created this forearm of awesomeness.

Terminator 4 Punch Toy

Unlike the Smash Hands, the T-600 is definitely not marketed towards kids. For one, the movie is most likely to be rated R. Second, this piece of the Terminator costs $75! This reminds me of something Machine Girl would have up her sleeves. Check out more Terminator 4 toys here.

Via OhGizmo!


Japanese Homer in the new Simpsons intro

So, if you are a true fan of The Simpsons, you may have heard the news that the show is officially in high definition! I was watching the intro on Youtube and spotted something pretty interesting. During the part where Maggie gets scanned by the grocery store checkout clerk, Homer is featured as the mascot of a Japanese box of cereal. I went back and found a video of the old intro, and the box of cereal wasn’t there. Gotta love when Japanese pop culture gets sneaked into mainstream like that. Here’s the full 2 minute Simpson’s HD intro.

Japanese Homer Cereal

*Update* AndrewGK offers a bit of an explanation behind the Homer box.

It’s a reference to and old episode no.175 “In Marge We Trust”, where the box was first shown. It’s actually a dishwasher detergent knows as “Mr. Sparkle” that Homer originally found at a dump. According to wikipedia the Japanese writing on the box states that “Mr. Sparkle is a magnet for foodstuffs…he will banish food particles to the land of wind and ghosts”. Homer later on contacts the manufacturer in Hokkaido for more info about the product.

Thanks AndrewGK.

JapanSoc’s new logo



Nick over at is looking for a new logo, and he needs your help in deciding which to choose. There are 12 different logos in the running, all with thier own unique feel. The winner not only gets to have their logo on the new J-web enthusiasts google group, but also gets a cash prize. Head over to JapanSoc to vote!



Get the perfect picture of your pets

Bow Cam from AppliyaEarlier today I was on Ameba Vision looking at sophie-chan. I really do want a dog. They seem like they are such fun companions. Owners are always taking videos and photos, but you have to wonder, do cats and dogs know to look at the camera when its time for the photo?

A creative startup in Tokyo, Appliya INC, has found a pretty creative yet simple way to solve the problem of bad pet photos. They have created 2 IPhone apps called Meow Cam and Bow Cam.

The Meow Cam and Bow Cam are applications that significantly increase the chance of capturing fantastic shots of cats that don’t want to look into the camera, or dogs that keep running around everywhere.

When you press the MEOW (or BOW) button, your iPhone will emit meowing and barking sounds that will make your pet look in your direction. That’s your perfect photo op! The application includes 10 different sounds such as various meows/bows, as well as other noises (plastic bags rustling, the sound of opening a tin can etc). Experiment with different sound effects by changing the sound setting from the settings screen. 

Perfect example of how the simplist ideas are usually the best ideas. They hope to sell 30,000 downloads of each application, and for only .99, I don’t think they will have a problem at all. Click here to checkout Bow Cam and Meow Cam on iTunes! Don’t have a pet? Don’t worry. Appliya also makes an iPhone app for your baby.

Toilet poems will save the world

Japanese Toilet

Have you ever thought about doing your part to curb global warming? You have? Good. Have you ever considered writing thought provoking poetry to be displayed in publc bathrooms across Japan? I didn’t think so. One Japanese group not only has but also made it their mission to save the world, one piece of toilet paper at a time.

I’m not quite sure how the Japan Toilet Labo found out this curious fact, but they claim that pastingshort poems at eye level of the person sitting on the toilet causes them to use 20% less toilet paper. Come to think of it, I don’t want to know how they found out. An example line of what you may read:

“That paper will met you only for a moment” and “Fold the paper over and over and over again”, or maybe even just “Love the toilet”.

Toilet paper use in Japan is on the rise. More and more people use much more paper in public toilets than they would in their own home. The Japan Toilet Labo hopes to have 1,000 of thier posters displayed in public bathrooms. Don’t be suprised or feel intimidated if you end up seeing a poem staring back at you.

Via Scientific American

Voice-controlled toy helicopters


Taiyo Corp toy helicopter

You have have seen those commericals for the remote controlled mini helicopters that dart around and fly with incredible precision. Today, I’m here to tell you that they are a toy of the past. Tokyo’s Taiyo Corp has trumped all of the previous offerings by creating a voice controlled toy helicopter. 

The “smart helicopter” can fly as far as 10 meters away from the controller so you can hide behind corners while whispering your commands for destruction on innocent passers-by. The helicopter also responds to command in both English and Japanese. It will set you back about $60, and should be here in the states later on this year.

Attack cat sold separately.

Via Crunchgear.

Studying in Japan just got easier

Light writing in Death NoteThinking of heading to Japan on a student visa? Well here’s a bit of good news. The Japanese goverment wants to not only ease screening procedures for students wishing to study in Japan, but also extend the time you are able to stay.

Asahi reported that Justice Minister Eisuke Mori released the information on Friday. Currently, there are around 123,800 foreign students studying in Japan. The governent wants that number to be near 300,000 by 2020.

If you’re serious about wanting to study in Japan for either High School or at a University, be sure to check out the guide set up by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Asahi via FG.

KeyholeTV servers are down temporarily

KeyHoleTV Watch Japanese TV Online

Well, I just wanted to write a quick update about KeyholeTV as I have been not only getting tons of comments sent, but also yesterday alone, the KeyholeTV page saw over 2,500 visits from people looking for answers.

First I would like to thank Rick from for keeping people up to date on what he knows. KeyholeTV is undergoing maintanence on their servers as well as moving to a new location. As you may already know, this means that not only is the website unavailable but the actual service itself is down too. It seems that the website came up briefly yesterday, but it is once again down.

KeyholeTV have been down before, but usually it’s a very short downtime. This is the longest it has been down since I have known about the program. I will post again once the situation is resolved, but if you want to follow the comments, be sure to check out my KeyholeTV post here.


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