March 13, 2002

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    i haven’t posted in here for ages

    hi everyone, i haven’t posted in here in a while, ive been sooooooo busy and Louis can be my back up on that. Plus the fact my brother seems to get his own way sometimes and is on the computer for like 6 hours. He only comes to stay at my house for like 3 […] More

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    flashes of female OZ

    i always get the weird things happening to me while i’m out. on my way to the bank today, i pulled out behind this van type thing… it’s the kinda truck UPS has… but it was a sherrif’s truck, and the back was open and covered with a wire type of gate. inside of the […] More

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    im tommy

    like tommy, you are a born adventurer. you are considered a leader! your friends always know that you will always be there and know they can trust you. i wonder when inuh will remember that i gave her a test to post… for her site… hmmmmmm More

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    feeling good

    well i just got finished helping nicola finish the last parts of her site, and it’s finally up. go check it out and sign her gbook / join her portal! i’ve also stopped adding pictures to the yahoo club for now. i’ve switched to a better photo service. i was sick of making people join […] More

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    w00t its back!

    jackie, it’s back! after long last, i’ve finally fixed my java settings so applets show up correctly. so what does that mean for you? SHORTNEWS is back! now you can have your daily news bits once again. rejoice in all that is shortnews! More