June 26, 2002

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    has anyone tried that vanilla coke? if so, worth trying? tell me please! i’m not that big a coke drinker. pepsi!!! i bought one of them earlier, and it was the worst coke i’ve ever tasted. it reminds me of a cream soda, but with a semi flat taste. (you’re so right kyle). i won’t […] More

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    *$)# congress

    oh, i went to the post office today to mail a box to my sister whose going to be in michigan for a few weeks. and when i got there, the post office guy seemed to be in an upset mood. now, i’ve talked to this guy many times before, his birthday was a few […] More

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    bad day

    ok, today was the first bad day of my week. when i woke up, i forgot that i needed black construction paper for vis arts today. so i left the house a bit early to go to the bank, then go to walmart to pick up some really fast. by the time i made it […] More